Clothing, Seven Mile Island, and all other essentials

Global Pursuit’s staff has fallen to an iced coffee addiction. Or, rather, a compulsive yearning for that aforementioned chilled, caffeinated liquid. A seasonal affinity, I’ve no idea what domino was first to fall, triggering this miniature mass movement, alive and jittering only from May to September. Dark as night, sweet as sin, a barista told me the “trending” cold-brew contains, in caffeine-levels, a near equivalency of espresso. That’s an mg-to-ml ratio, mind you. Indeed, mind you this while slurping down your next twelve oz. cold brew. At least coffee is the beverage most complementary to a wide-eyed staff, aiding customers with alacrity and genuine interest. I don’t mean that kind and attentive customer service necessitates staggering levels of caffeine ingestion (really). Indeed, before this fatal attraction, I was once told, by a friendly patron, that his favorite part about shopping at GP was the staff, one that approached the “job” with alacrity and genuine interest (didn't actually use these words). The feeling is quite mutual; indeed, there exists a potential, in retail, for genial, sincere interaction. And, facing a Western modernity that continuously dehumanizes our interactions, small-business retail remains a beacon of (possible) sincerity and mirth. That previous comment likely jumps off the page as maudlin, dramatized and extrapolated. But think about it! Want some food? GrubHub has you covered, pay online and enjoy the passing over of a sodden (petroleum-based, smiley-face emblazoned) bag from a stranger, wishing you a nice day (the bag, that is). All I mean to conjecture, really, is that it is nice, in a world depleted of true, down-to-earth, non-pseudo interpersonal interaction, to just talk about clothing and taste and iced coffee and the quirks of a seven-mile-island-summer. So, to that man who complimented our staff, we compliment you, our sunburned, jocular, gregarious visitors. Without you, this “job” would lose its quotation marks.

I’m reminded, by mention of iced coffee and seven-mile-island quirks, of a tune. A song by a widely unrecognized yet glimmeringly talented songwriter. The tune, “Stumptown Summer Heartthrob,” the artist, “Walter Etc.” Here’s the first verse:

“Stumptown summer heartthrob/
What’s the combo to your bike lock?/
I’ll get your iced coffee”

Give it a listen. Like this blog post, it’s about a lot more than iced coffee!

Signing off now,

Your sincere seven-mile blogger, in pursuit of all things.

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